why I don't like christian book stores

   When I first got saved the Christian Book Store was the place to be. I mean it was like the Spiritual Walmart of the true Christian. You could buy your Amy Grant, your Micheal W. Smith, and those crazy rockers Audio Adrenaline. But over the years I have stayed away from them, at least as far as I could. I think what made me frustrated the most was the way we (when I say we I mean christians that market the christian market) copy the "world." I mean we have our own Britney Spears, and our own Backstreet Boys and our copy cat T-shirts...the other day I realized we even had our own mints, test-a-mints that is. Now hear this, this is not a bash. I am just sharing my heart. So anyway, there has always been something that bugs me far deeper than the copy stuff and I never realized it until the other day. I couldn't find my Matt Redman, Where Angels Fear to Tread, CD. So I muster up the courage and went to the closest CBD. As soon as I walked in I felt it. Not the Spirit of God, but another spirit for sure. I felt kinda tense, maybe it was the woman yelling at her kid to not go outside, or the cashier that ignored me to talk to woman yelling about "spiritual stuff." Then I heard these words from the mother, "don't go outside, do you want someone to come and take you away. That's what happens to little kids that go outside alone." And it hit me like a ton of bricks. What I have felt was a spirit of fear....that's what they market. Don't do this, don't do that...eat like Jesus or your going to hell, listen to this healing Christian music, so you don't fall away....use this breath mint so you can tell people to not go to hell, without making them fall away...don't go outside or the devil will take you and make you into a demon. FEAR FEAR FEAR. Do you see it ? Maybe it's just me...but I am getting tired of it. Hmmm do we have our own "den of theives"

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind    2 timothy 1:7