mr zaccheus

   Today I feel like Mr. Zaccheus. I feel excited, and nervous, and like Jesus is about to walk by an change some things big time. Isn't Jesus amazing ? He sees this little dude trying his best to see Him...So what does he say to Z ? "Hey Zaccheus, I am hungry...let's goto your house and eat." I guess when you are Jesus you can tell people that, well I guess I have done that before with people from my church. Anyways they go eat at little Z mans house and Z starts changing. "Um Jesus, I am going to half of what I own to the poor. And also, those that I stole from...I will repay them four time what I took." Now I don't see Jesus preaching to Z or anything, he didn't give Z the four spiritual laws. But just the presence of Jesus' company brought a life changing conviction. That Z, and his household, was never the same again.    So if you see me stuck up in a tree for a while, don't mind me. I just want a chance to see, to eat with and to be changed by the Son.