Hey just found out that my B.A. is useless when it comes to getting a teaching credential for the State of California. Nice to find out now, when I went to school they told us by the time we graduated we would be accredited...now almost 5 years later LIFE is still not WASC accredited, plus I just found out that when and IF they do get that accreditation, it will not be retroactive. I think my life is so funny...I feel like God is sending me on this hide and go seek mission. Seriously I am having fun doing it, no joke. This is just getting really funny to me. Not sure why...it just is. I think because I am going to find out that where I want to "land" is just another skill or something that I will learn, and then He'll have me move again. I love you Jesus...thanx for making my life fun, even when its really hard. Thanks for loving me so much that you force me to be fluid and change....really...I love you !

suffer not...

   hhmmmm. So for what seems like forever to me, I have been trying to figure out the next step for my life. This job at the VW Dealership is becoming more and more frustrating and everyday I yearn to make a, in my eyes, greater impact in peoples lives. So what do I do ? I have been praying...but that alone is never enough. When I search my heart for things I long for a few things become clear. I love young people, be it 5 year olds...or high school seniors....I love to be with them, I love to hear them share their dreams, I love to watch them "spread their wings and fly." Secondly I love to teach, love to watch minds unfold and accept the possibility that they can change things around them. To see the miracle that learning is, to watch children discover new things. This excites me alot. In fact this inspires me...only one draw back. In order to get my credentials to teach young people K-8 I am looking at close to a year of night school...other than the fact that my life, I feel is already super busy I really want to do this.     This excites me, and yet scares me at the same time. I really don't know why I am scared. Maybe because I know it's going to take alot of time. And by the time I can teach, I will be in a "full time" ministry position....But I guess I would have only gained more by taking classes on how to better "teach" people. So don't know why I am kinda hesitant. I just am, at least a little.