swirling eddies

   If you ever been on a white water rafting trip you would be at home. This weekend was the Soliton Sessions @ the Bridge. It was a great weekend of being broken and pulled and challenged and empowered, it also was a swirling eddie for some. In water rafting a swirling eddie is a portion of the river that is usually near a rock or the shore. It is a very dangerous place, because you can get stuck in it, and it can flip your boat. Causing you and your team to float helplessly down river, without the safety of the boat. People usually get caught in an eddie when they are either not paying attention to their surroundings, or are not fully engaged with their future. Either way it can spell disaster.     I have had the great experience of going water rafting, and I remember our time spent with "eddie". We got pulled in, and before we knew it we were twisting and turning, out of control. Let me tell you, it was an little scary...especially after all the piranha movies I've seen over the years. Fortunately I was about 5k miles away from any flesh eating fish (so-cal). Anywho- our instructor told us which way to move and in unison we paddled and shifted and grunted our way out of the eddie. We made it down the rest of the river, only losing one person to the river....    My point being; for some stuck in that ackward place of not moving forward this experience could either help them get out of the eddie, or force them to see that the future is leaving them behind. While I am still in my thoughts about what this weekend meant, to me. I am very hopeful for the future of Christ church on planet earth. I see a very exciting, and transforming journey ahead, in which I have a place. I also see my need to continue to be a man that seeks hard after the face of Jesus.