r kelly is a worship leader

   ok I'm not sure about that...but I found a song about a "worship leader" that is set to r kellys ignition song.
Praise Band Groupie [ignition remix beat] Well I'm a praise band leader, I'm not a rock star, But every Sunday you be starin while I strum my guitar, You're my Transparency girl, you move the song line by line, You look at me, I look at you, and I give you the sign, I give you the head nod! you go to the next song! You and I are a team, my transparency queen, and you know the routine, I think its time that I mention, I got some mad-apprehension, Cause you're always starin at the drummer and now I am guessin, That I am just an old fad, and I just wanna cry Costs a lot to be your oppa, and now its my pride... You used-to-be-into-me, Are you praise band groupie? I remember the line, you first used on me, you sat next to me and said, Nice bible, NIV? Now I don't exist, & I start to reminisce of all the praise band practices, you never missed... You said, I like you, like a brother, but you've bad hygiene the drummer's godly and clean, his reputation's pristine... She said I just have to mention, about your wrong misconception, That I like you cause we went to summer praise band convention, I don't wanna be mean, But this is temporary... The drummer said next week i play the tambourine... Does that mean we're over, quickie-reeelationship, she said there's nasal drip sittin on your upper lip, who cares about my hygiene, i feel my heart rip, Are you dating the drummer, she said, "its fellowship" and after the service, its Donut Time, I see you flirting with a guy in line, He's the praise band leader, of a bigger church, And the drummer is hurting with a heart like mine... I said, she likes you, like a brother, but you're just old news, I used to feel like you do, some girls are kangaroos, hoppin around leaving you bruised... [I said I just have to mention, I got some mad-apprehension, and i see you starin at the pastor, now i am guessin, that you're just a freak, and now i am mad cause you're checkin out the pastor and he is my dad... ]