my scion

   Nope don't have one yet...but think I will soon. We are trying to sell my flaming car and pick up one of these bad boys...lower payments/better warranty/ oh yeah it's a hardco car too. I got to test drive one of these puppies last week, it is such a fun car with so much room inside. And for a 6'1 220 kinda guy...room is a good thing. Only thing holding us back is selling my car, and my credit is not so good. So we gotta get a co-signer, but hey that's what parents are for. If you haven't seen these go to the Scion webpage. You can add all sorts of goodies, rims..fog lamps..bass speakers. And it is dirt cheap. The one that I want cost 15k and comes with fog lamps, rear spoiler and alarm. Check one out, and if you own one tell me what you think.

this might sound weird....but

   I think I am very "un" normal. To prove it I want to conduct a survey. For my whole life I have associated numbers with "genders." I don't know why ? Whenever I have talked to someone about this I have gotten blank stares. Anyways what I mean is that from the numbers 1-10 I have assigned genders based on what I think the numbers represent. I didn't ever sit down and do this, it was just there one day. So numbers 1,4,5, and 7 are boys and 2,3,6,8 and 9 are girls. I don't know why...please help. This is also true of the alphabet...a,b,d, j and k are girls and c,e,f,g,h,i are males. What do you think about this ?

job ?

   Well it's been two days and no reply...not good. But then at lunch I saw the my friend Susan, she is the assistant hr lady @ Gospel Light. She told me that it looks like they are in the final stages of hiring someone for that position. Funny thing though, I'm not really upset. Not that I should be, but I had a funny felling that this job was really for me. For a little while I wanted to feel the pain of rejection (sicko that I am) but none came. Kinda confusing, kinda hopeful, kinda weird. Father I know that you have great things for me, I remember your promises to me. I remember the "gold" that you put in my soul. I really want to pursue you, I need to...theres nothing left for me to do. So I won't ask why. I will silently hope, that is what I know you want from me. All I want to be is a channel, a channel for your precious water to cause growth in and around me. Thank you for loving me so tenderly and at times harshly. I love you and trust you....me

is it in your wallet ?

Check this out ! Mastercard....it's everywhere you want to be !!!