please pray

Just got an email from a friend. There is a job opening @ Gospel Light, a christian publisher, that I really think I could do. And no Jeph, they don't cuss. Just pray. Thanx....

the Jews: God's way of saying..."I have power"

   Last night I finished watching "the pianist"...very moving movie. I love movies about history, especially regarding the struggles of the Jews. I think the two reasons for this are...1) The Jews, to me represent a witness to God's existence. Countless times throughout history the should have died off, they should have disappeared...but they didn't. God told them that, "You are my "chosen" people. And it looks like He hasn't changed His mind. 2) There is something so powerful to me watching people have hope where there is no hope to be had, programed in our soul is the will to live...free. And over time that "will", eventually, leads to freedom.    Plus I just love history, not just history, but rather the lives that are threaded together to create the tapestry that is history. I wonder how our history will look like. Right now as God weaves a new tapestry....I wonder what will it look like to people in the future. Will they look back and wish they could have joined us in our quest for God's future. Or will the look back and be ashamed, as we are sometimes at where Christianity was misguided into killing people for the sake of the gospel. Interesting thoughts. Interesting stories. Interesting future.