hi ho hi ho it's off to work i go

ahh another day of transformational life at the VW dealership. Yeah I work for "Barber Volkswagen" in Ventura California. Before I got a "real" job I always dreaded the thought that one day I would have to work in the "real" world. Not that my "job" as a youth pastor/assistant pastor/worship leader/graphics worker/website developer/janitor wasn't real work. It was believe me. But the thought that I would have to rely on "skills" that I thought wouldn't transfer over to the "real" world was a scary one at least.    Since I was met Jesus I knew that I would be working for Him in a "full-time" setting. I have to admit the transition was a very easy at first. I was so sick and tired of being "used" just because I didn't stand up for my self very well. So when I left the last ministry position I was making more money and had a lot of freedom. Then the money stopped, but God gave me another job where I was making twice as much as before, even though I had no experience, or so I thought. I realised that "us" that hold ministry positions, usually, have to work twice as hard for 1/4 the pay.(I am not a name it claim it type of person, but I do think it is to our shame that we expect so much from our Pastors while we barely pay them enough to live.) So my "non-skills" worked quite well for me. Currently I manage the work flow for the service department. I get paid very well to sit in an office, blog, get to know customers, and develop relationships with my co-workers. They all know that I have a relationship with Jesus, as well as they know that I am very human...last week I got in a yelling match with one of the techs (He said some very crappy things about me to my face...and I wasn't going to let him get away with that kinda crap...after an hour Jesus told me to say sorry...I did.) I've gotten to hang around alot of "regular" people, you know the kind.     They have the same problem we do, they just haven't met Jesus yet. Sometimes my techs cuss, I serioulsy love it. At first they were all, "Oh sorry Craig I know that you a "Pastor."" I told them if they tried to be someone they are not I would be offended. So anyways I really do love working in the "real" world, for this season. I want to work for myself oneday, either photography or something where I could meet people and have relationships....and make a good living, while still having the freedom to hang out with people from my "worship community" during the daytime. But until then I am very, very thankful for all the blessings He has graciously sent my way.


shark week is here

Oh shark week. oh shark week. Last night, after an awesome nite at the bridge (read mondays post here) I sat down to watch "SHARK WEEK." "Anatomy of a shark bite" was the "special" that was on. Crazy stuff, I mean this "shark expert" was showing other people how "safe" sharks are, and how they don't attack humans, except by mistaked identity...or whatever. When all the sudden this huge bull shark took a chunk out of his calf. Luckily the guy survived, he even was able to keep his leg...but it looks pretty wimpy to me. So here are some obervations I made about sharks. First of all they live in the water, if you never want to get bitten by a shark don't go in the water....duh. Number two if you are a "shark expert" and you are with "american sharks" try to speak another language like frensh or something. Because I think that bull shark understood english and ot pissed off at this supposed expert and felt like making him look stupid. Number three God is so amazing, when I look at the creation of a shark, how much power they have, what amazingly effecient hunters they are...I have to stand back and say,"wow God you are so amazing, so creative, so powerful, so "awe"some. It really requires a response when we see the majesty of his creation. And finally number four, do not eat junk food. I believe that sharks like sweats, so if you body is made mostly of chocolate doughnuts and vanilla coke...and the shark tastes it...he will want more and try to eat all of you. Not because he is mean...or vengeful...but rather because sharks have many more teeth then us, which means that they have alot more "sweat tooths" then we do. So that is my observations...did you watch it ? Do you have any observations ?