homosexuality deal with it 2.1

   Hey guys I posted some further thoughts about homosexuality here is of what I posted at ginkworld. You can follow this conv by clicking here

   I'm fine with    "it is not our place to transform anyone - God does all that" - Gink    But when it comes down to one on one convo. What do you tell a homosexual person about homosexuality. I am often disgusted by the christian community when it comes to this issue. It is so much easier to hate and reject then it is to love and comfort.    I personally think that homosexuality is a sin, the same as adultery, and lying is a sin. The same as my slothfulness, and all the other crap I deal with that is sin is sin. I still call my self a christian. In fact we have it backwards when it comes to this sin rating thing. I think the dumbasses that picket "homosexuals" are breaking the 3rd commandment, "keep the sabath holy." :D . Anyhow since I hold this understanding I've had to question other thoughts as well.    Can someone be a "homosexual" and a christian at the same time ? When a paster covets anothers wife and commits adultery, we don't say "you can't be a christian anymore." When young people in our church sleep together before marriage, we just say they are struggling, but do we think about their salvation. Lets go even deeper here. When someone in our church struggles with lying we don't ask God to keep them from going to hell. But "most" followers of God would say that you can't be a homosexual and follow Christ at the same time. Tell me why ?

good news...is it really ?

   Hey kids I have several thought running through my mind that I want to throw at you and get your voices on. What is the good news ? If you say....."blah blah blah Jesus came to save your soul from hell to spend eternity with you" please dig deeper. Think back to our origins. What was the good news to those that new Jesus before he died ? Jesus went around preaching the "gospel" but all I see is Him preaching about the Kingdom of "heaven" or of "God", and that it is near,even that it is here. I am sure that the good news for Ten Lepers was that they were healed (ain't it funny that only one returned to thank Jesus. I wonder does that mean to other nine that their healing wasn't really good news.) To the adulterous woman the good news was to not be stoned, and then to be forgiven by Jesus. What is the good news to you, what is your Gospel ?

truth bomb 2.1

   ok..ok..I could've written the "truth bomb" post a little more constructively. What I was meaning to do is to stir the pot, what I didn't mean to do is to come off being a "finger pointer". Either way great conversations. What I love about this whole "truth" thing is that the discussion only leads us closer to the one that is "true." How thankful I am that He left this earth and sent the Holy Spirit to "lead" us into "all truth."