dear brothers and sisters....pray

Some friends that recently became missionaries to Australia emailed me this:

Hello everyone. This is Cora writing. I would really like to ask for some prayers for my Mom. Over the past two weeks she’s had a couple surgeries done and things have really gone downhill. The operated area has gotten infected and she’s flying home in order to have better medical care. (My parents are missionaries in Venezuela.) I would just like to ask prayer for healing to her body and peace for her soul.This has been a very emotional and trying time and she’s been quite depressed. I’m really praying about if I should go home to help out and be with her during this time. Will you please pray with me? That I will know what’s wise and that if God wants me to go that He’ll provide the means. Thank you very much for your prayers and support during this time. We believe in a God that heals, and we need His healing power right now! Thank you, Cora