dreams 1.1

I am having one of those "dream" moments. I am remembering one of the dreams I had throughout bible college, and today I will share it with you, at least in part. First of all let me make sure you understand me by defining the word "church." The word "church" literally means " those who anywhere, in a city, village, constitute such a company and are united into one body." whether you agree or not, those that call on the historical person of Christ Jesus are a part of the "church." I envision a church that is more concerned with loving each other than being "right." A church that would rather be real than fake like they've got it together. A church that would rather seek God than the riches He has to offer. A church that turn worship into a 24/7 lifestyle instead of a one hour a week routine. A church that shares life rather than money. Real accountability, instead of after sin counseling. Reckless abandonment in our lives. Creating worship where there is none, by invading our culture with love and compassion. A church that functions in all of the gifts of the Spirit according to Acts and 1 Corinthains 12-14. Please don't get me wrong, I love His Bride so much. My savior gave up his very life for her, and He will guide us into the places I dream about. Not because they are my dreams, but because, I believe, they are His dreams. To infect a dying world with hope, love and grace. To change our realities, so they we enjoy Him and eachother as we are created to. Will this happen, I believe so. When ? How ? Only by submission to His will and a posture of learning from the "Truth."