for better or worse

So I just finished a date with my wife @ Mimi's. After being an "whole ass" last saturday I started to really search for the answer to the question...why? Why was I so upset, why was I such an ass, why did I feel attacked ? I got one for ya...it's the p word. Prostitution.....j/k. It's my dumb ass pride. See I've been going through crap since I left my last job being a youth pastor. My wife moved on while I dealt with all the crap that I had avoid fro the last few years. So she has really been engaging life while I have been avoiding it. It's only been the last few months that I have decided to stop living in the desert and start to journey towards the future. So I realized that when my wife disagreed with me my pride flared in the form of anger. Ok here it is...my wife is very intelligent, which I love...As long as she's not smarter then me....which she is alot of the time. So we talked about all this tonight and it was really healing. And she was really encouraged by what I told her about how smart she is. I want my wife to be where I am spiritually and intellectually, in order for us to follow God together we have to be together. In love, thought, and "wink,wink" physically. For better or worse ? No....just for making me better and better.