the mirror of marriage

I blew it this weekend, big time. My wife and I were enjoying a great day of garage selling, groceries shopping, and just being together (After my sister-inlaw living with us for two months we needed a break). We stared talking about "absolutes" and she jokingly said something to contradict me (I didn't know she was joking, but that's not an excuse). I verbally shut her down, I was a rude jerk that was more concerned with making her shut up then feeling stupid. She was silent, I was anger. I thought she was questioning my "far superior knowledge." Who was she to try to make me feel stupid, I mean I had a right to say what I did. Sometimes I'm an asswhole, not and asshole, but an asswhole. The "whole" of me is an ass. I calmed down, and tried to talk about it, trying to justify my lack of care and respect for my wife. Compounding sin with a self righteous justification is a sure way to make matters worse. I finally realized that I was 100% wrong, and I was sorry. I told my wife that I was sorry and we made up, but it wasn't until the next day that we were able to really talk about what I said, and why I felt the way I did. That's why marriage is a great mirror. You think you got your stuff together ? Get married. Then you realize you don't know crap, and the whole relying on God thing actually has to take place, or your marriage won't last. Sometimes when I look in the mirror I hate what I see, but then my wife love and forgives me and I want to change. And I realize that God made marriage more for my holiness then my happiness. That the mystery of marriage, that God takes two and makes one. And then makes that one more pure and stronger and more committed.


I've been wondering how do we deal with the issue of homosexuality as emerging ministers ? Now I have had a few friends that have been homosexuals, and I have had various conversations with them about their realationship, or lack of, with God. One friend, that I met at a gay pride festival, really felt that he could have both. And that God was pleased with him. Others reject God altogether, in my opinion because of the hate the bride of Chrsit has shown to them as a whole. I believe that homosexuality hurts God and the person, just as adultery does, just as being an alcoholic does. But we as the bride look very differently at "homosexuals". Please click here to further discuss this topic.