sometimes people bug me

Now I don't want to be a hypocrite, but sometimes people bug the crap out of me. There is this wierd thing that's been happening the past few days. Both yesterday and I've seen people that are from my ancient past. Yesterday it was my youth leader when I was a baby christian who lives about an hour and a half away. Today I saw a friend that was there when I met Jesus for the first time, he lives about two hours away. Weird huh. Normally they wouldn't have bugged me at all. But for some reason it did. As I was talking to my former youth leader I realized that she doesn't follow Jesus anymore. She didn't actually say this, but you know when you can tell someone doesn't believe anymore and I't is kinda weird when you tell them stuff. That just sucks to see people not walking after talking about this stuff for so long. The second guys recognized me and said, "Aren't you supposed to be a pastor." I wanted to sock him in the lip and say, "Pastor this !" Just because I am not paid out of the churches purse I'm not a pastor. Well crap, most people that are doing God's work aren't either than. Why do people think that in order to be "really" doing the ministry that you need to be validated by a church postion. That is soo stupid. Lame jacked up crap. The apostle Paul feels the same way, I'm sure. He worked alot so he didn't have to tale money from the church, and so that those that opposed him couldn't use that against him. oh well.