Ever had a dream so real that you wish you never woke up ? Ever felt like Neo in the matrix, like there is something more than what you see ? Like there is something just beyond the fabric of your reality that you can almost taste. I feel that way all the time. I feel like there is a reality that is much more real than what we touch in our everyday lives. Almost like a parallel universe that functions the way we were meant to function. These to me are the molecule of a dream. These molecule are made up of imagination, creativity, love, hope, joy, and are held together by faith. All supporting one goal, change. A change in our reality that causes an urging for more. Deep calling to deep. A reality that there is a much more beautiful world that is right around the corner. Unfortunately for many people, we wait for that beautiful world to come in another life time. But I am convinced that the dream land I see in my minds eye is up to us to make. We can change those around us and infect a change that causes a radical social and political shift. One person at a time, one conversation at a time, one greeting at a time. It all starts with relationships and words. I hope this makes sense, I know it's kinda jumbled all together. But the dream conceive is birthing a radical shift in his children. All those who catch the dream will be the first to see it come to pass, those that refuse to dream will be left on the side. In a separate reality until they realize that the dream is His reality. My dream is many communities of faith moving back and forth in the waves of His desire. Almost like a buoy that is tossed to and fro a constant reminder of who is in control. Let us be the ones that dream of the deep and then chase after it. Diving into the deep with total abandonment of self. With full assurance that He that created the dreams in our being, will carry us to the place where that dream turns into our reality.