what is love

hmmm. I wonder....I've been getting ready to marry my sister and her fiance and I wonder to myself.... what is love ? I know some of its fragrance; a soft kiss on a rainy day, a hug from any child, a word of encouragement, a deep passion for someone. I think it is pretty easy to see; fixing someones car, doing a chore that you hate, buying a rose. I feel it's foundation; a promise, a covenant of fidelity, an unchangable God. I desire its correction; confronting someones sin, confronting your own sin, exposing a lie. I want to know what love is. I can taste it when I worship and my spirit mingles with the eternal. I know it's calling me closer, wanting more and more abandonment. That's what love is abandonment. Abandonment to unselfishness. I love it when I understand something when I write. Love is...well how do you describe it ?