wuv too wuv

Saturday is almost here. It's just three days away, just a few hours and I get to do one of my favorite things in the whole world. I get to join to people together forever. What an amazing gift from God. He is such a God of love. This is how I see it; somewhere before time began God the Father, and God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit existed. They were in perfect communion and love, enjoying relationship, intimacy and fun with one another. Then one of them got an idea. "Hey lets create something that we can share this sacred romance with, let make him in our image and spend time loving him." So they did it, they created a boy. Then they loved that boy so much and spent time with him everyday. They talked and played, and sang and danced, because their love for each other was perfect there was no limit to their intimacy. This might seem weird to us, but that is only because we are fallen and the boy wasn't. One day the Jesus realized that this boy they created needed something more than him. He needed a companion, someone that he could touch and love and continue to share the love that they had for each other. So they created a woman. And then they married the two, and then God did something that goes against the laws of the universe... (but that's ok because he is God.) He added two to make one. No where else in creation, at least that I can see. Does God take two separate things and then see them as one. That is why the apostle Paul screams, "IT'S A MYSTERY" That is a short theology of marriage. Anyway these two people are my sister in-law and her fiance. They are great people, they love Jesus and they are going to be great servants together. I love them very much, which makes it all the better that I get to do their wedding. Love is such an amazing thing. It transcends human reason, thought, language, and time. It is the greatest of all, it is more powerful than any force in creation. It is what held Jesus to the cross, it is why we were created. WOW.

a life of coma

Last month Terry Wallis woke up after being in coma for 19 years. His story is one that stirs my thought and imagination. What would life be like if I were in his shoes. To be driving my car one day and then wake up the next day 19 years later. It gives perspective to my life. For 19 years no kisses from my wife, no hugs, no babies smiling, no nothing. Funny thing is as much as I've done (which is more than most but less than others...hehehe) I always feel that I should've done more. When I turned 20 I started comparing my life to those around me. I had friends that weren't doing very much. I had started a youth group from scratch a year earlier, but I felt that I should be farther in my journey. I did mission trips to Dominica Republic, Africa, Israel, I was the R.A. at college. I loved, I prayed, I studied and I still felt like I was failing. Not that I was failing school or my friends, but rather God. I had a feeling that God wanted more than I could give(which He did). But the way I went about it was all wrong. My stupid notions were more a sign of my flesh wanting my name in the spot light, then the urging of God's Spirit. I graduated college, took over another larger youth group, got married and still had this naggin urge that I need to do more. Actually it wasn't that I needed to do more, I felt like I should've done more with the time that I've already spent. I felt like I wasted so much time. But like I said I was way off base. I understand now that this isn't a race that rewards by how many degrees you've earned or how big your church is or whatever. It's a journey that takes you through many tangled and hidden paths. That's the fun of it. That's what makes everyday worth living. Which brings me back to my friend Terry. I hope that he never feels the way I did and waste time worrying and comparing himself to others. I believe that all that I do makes God happy with me. But I know that He is more concerned with who I am than what I do. The same is true for all people God's care is based on who we are rather than what we do, whether good or bad.

Dr. Laura

fighting off sharks

For sometime now I have been listeng to the famed Dr. Laura with much respect. I think that she is very right on with how to deal with most situations and I respect her care for people. She just wrote an article called fighting off sharks that gave me goosepimples. If you believe justice isn't just convicting bad people you need to read this article. Although this article is in defense of her life, I felt that she was acting out justice. Justice isn't just to right a wrong , but sometimes standing up and confronting those who persecute you. But where is the line ? Jesus said to turn the other cheek, to bless those who persecute you. Where do you stand ?